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Clayworks JB1 Porcelain

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Clayworks JB1 Porcelain
$ 30.40

JB1 Porcelain Clay in a 10kg block.


White firing porcelain, possessing excellent plasticity and green strength, making it suitable for large objects, as well as, the most delicate pieces. JB1 can be fired as low as 1200ºC but develops better strength at 1260 to 1300ºC.

Mesh: 120# Bisque: 012 to 06 (Orton cones) Glaze: 7 to 10 (Orton cones) Shrinkage: 11% (Wet to fired)

White When fired in Oxidation. White grey When fired in Reduction.

Product Number: CLAY CLAYW JB1D

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