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Clayworks RGH Stoneware

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Clayworks RGH Stoneware
$ 25.40

RGH Stoneware Clay in a 10kg block.


LGH with the addition of a small amount of iron oxide, giving it a warm brown colour. A robust 60 mesh stoneware clay, excellent for throwing and hand-building. Easy to throw, great for beginners through to the most experienced throwers. Also an excellent Raku and Pit Fired body.

Mesh: 60# Bisque: 06 to 07 (Orton cones) Glaze: 8 to 11 (Orton cones) Shrinkage: 12% (Wet to fired)

Light brown When fired in Oxidation. Dark brown When fired in Reduction.

Product Number: CLAY CLAYW RGHD

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