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Cesco Brush On Flowrite Mist Blue Opelene Gloss Glaze B5194

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Cesco Brush On Flowrite Mist Blue Opelene Gloss Glaze B5194
$ 18.70

Opaque mottled dusty blue gloss. Ready to use, minus 2ppm lead free brush on glaze.

Developed for use over terracotta clay bodies. Use over white clays can result in different colour responses, testing is recommended.


When used in accordance with the manufacturer's directions, this glaze will yeild less than 2 parts per million of soluable lead and complies with permissible limits for glazed food or beverage ware.

Directions for use:

Stir well. Apply with as large a brush as possible and flow on three even coats to a thickness of approximately 1mm. Allow each coat to dry for about one minute before applying the next coat. Insufficient thickness will result in poor colour development.

Thin fresh glazes only with water if required for dipping or spraying. Care should be taken if reconstituting glazes that have dried out as glaze faults can develop in firing.

Replace lid after use ensuring rim and lid are clean so a good seal is achieved. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Product Number: CESCO BLFO5194 MST BLU

Technical Details

1080 - 1120°C

Minus 2 ppm (For use over red clay only)