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Keane Paper Clay Porcelain Paper Clay

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Keane Paper Clay Porcelain Paper Clay
$ 27.50

10kg bag

Bisque Orton Cone 05 (1050c) Glaze Orton Cone 10 (1285c)


A smooth strong porcelaineous stoneware body mixed with cellulose fibre.

This increasingly popular and forgiving medium offers a multitude of benefits. Ideal for classroom situations. Paper clay is forgiving and allows you to achieve fine detail and surface texture. The tiny fibres are barely visible and may be burnished smooth with a finger, rubber rib or stone.

Good throwing and joining properties. This body has been formulated to promote good glaze fit with traditional Chinese glazes chuns, celedons etc

  • GREEN STRENGTH The knitting together of the paper fibres adds considerable strength when dry. This added strength is a onus when coping with rough handling and misadventure when transporting.
  • JOINING AT ANY STAGE Best joined at firm leather hard stage, with care wet paper clay can be successfully joined to dry and vice versa by scratching and gluing with paper clay slurry. Reinforce with coils where possible.
  • REPAIRS Breakages are easily repaired by simply joining with paper clay slip. Should cracks appear, putty crack with more paper clay. This can also be successful even after the bisque firing.
Product Number: CLAY KEANE KC597

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