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Northcote Earthenware EG324 **Rococo Red** Brush On Glaze 500mL

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Northcote Earthenware EG324 **Rococo Red** Brush On  Glaze   500mL
$ 31.50

Opaque dark blood red finely mottled gloss. Ready to use brush on earthenware glaze. **Indicates that these glazes contain Lead/Cadmium and should never be ingested or used on food containers** 

Firing range 1060°c to 1080°c

Care should be taken not to over fire lead/cadmium glazes as colour burn out will occur.


Do not shake container stir thoroughly before use
Store glazes out of direct sunlight at temperatures below 30°c and above 5°c
Do not add water to glaze. Adding water will increase the number of coats required for correct thickness.
Apply glaze using a soft brush. Apply 3-4 even coats to ensure adequate thickness.
Always fire glaze to recommended temperature.
Keep container lid clean and tightly sealed to avoid glaze dehydration.
Northcote Pottery recommends testing of all products to ensure suitability for your requirements as glaze application, clay type, firing atmosphere and glaze flow can vary greatly.

Product Number: NC EG324 ROCOCCO RED 500ml

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