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Clayworks Paper Clay Earthenware Paper Clay

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Clayworks Paper Clay Earthenware Paper Clay
$ 24.40

White Earthenware Paperclay in a 10kg block.

Bisque firing temperature Cone 03 1080°c - 1100°c

Glaze firing temperature Cone 03 - 4 1080°c - 1160°c


Paperclay is any clay body mixed with paperpulp. The addition of paper improves joining, reduces warping and shrinkage and makes the fired result lighter. The paper also increases the dry strength.

Paperclay is useful for making delicate or complex ceramic forms.

Paperclay MUST be bisqued before applying underglazes.

   Bisque: 06 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 03 to 01 (Orton cones)



Product Number: CLAY CLAYW EPCD

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