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Firing Service

Pottery Supplies Online offer an in-house firing service at our Milton location in Brisbane.

We offer firing by the kilo, or by the load.

Current prices are as follows:

Bisque 1000°C

Earthernware 1120°C

Midfire 1220°C

Stoneware 1280°C

Special Firing

$9.00/KG $11.00/KG $12.00/KG $12.00/KG POA


All firing jobs must be accompanied by a completed "Firing Form" 

Please download the Firing Form, to submit with your Pieces for firing, being sure to accept the terms and conditions.

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  • Pottery Supplies take all care and no responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any items which we feel may cause problems.
  • Firings will only be done when kiln is full. If work is needed urgently, the whole kiln space can be hired i.e. full kiln load price.
  • You must supply specific details of the clay and / or glazes used or your work can not be fired.
  • The base and 5mm from the base must be free from glaze.
  • Your work and your boxes must be clearly named or may not be returned to you.
  • All work left at Pottery Supplies for longer than 2 months will incur storage charges and after 3 months, work will be disposed of
  • PLEASE NOTE: Minimum firing charge is $5.00

Please note: You will be responsible for any damage your work causes to Pottery Supplies kilns and / or shelves. You will be liable for any replacement costs.