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Venco Direct Drive Wheel

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Venco Direct Drive Wheel
$ 1,825.00

Venco Direct Drive Wheel. 3/4 hp permanent magnet motor. Australian made.


Powerful direct drive motor. No belts, smooth quiet and responsive.

Marine grade 33cm (13") aluminium wheel head. Marine grade ply riser bats are available for seperate purchase.

Design prevents water or slip from getting under wheel head.

Marine grade aluminium tray, 10 year warranty on tray, bucket fits neatly under large drain hole, large drain hole makes it easy to clean.

Flush mount control pad features speed control and powersaving auto on and off. Flush design is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Stainless steel body and legs resists rust. Legs can be removed for use on table top. Optional stand up kit available for seperate purchase.

12 month warranty.

Product Number: PLCC40010

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