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Earthenware Crackle Glaze B6000 Cesco Brush On Flowrite

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Earthenware Crackle Glaze B6000 Cesco Brush On Flowrite
$ 18.30

Clear gloss crackle. Ready to use, minus 2ppm lead free brush on glaze. Ink can be applied after firing to highlight the crackle pattern. Crackle glazes are not suitable for functional ware. Firing range 1040°c to 1100°c


When used in accordance with the manufacturer's directions, this glaze will yeild less than 2 parts per million of soluable lead.

• Should always be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions on the container.• Should be applied to bisque fired clay - unless you have tested otherwise.• Should be stirred well before application to ensure even distribution of materials and colourants.• Should be applied to dust/grease free surfaces. Sponge surfaces before glazing to clean.• Each coat of glaze should be applied with a soft brush, as large as the project will allow.• Insufficient application of glaze may result in insufficient colour, gritty surfaces, bare spots and at times, different colours to those expected.• Application of excessive amounts of glaze may result in glazes running on vertical surfaces and can ruin your piece and the kiln shelf. On horizontal surfaces over application will result in excessive pooling in recessed areas and possible cracking of the glaze/work, or sometimes beading/crawling of the glaze giving an orange peel effect.• Best practice is to apply earthenware glazes to earthenware clay bodies and stoneware glazes to stoneware clay bodies. This helps to ensure good glaze fit.• Coloured opaque glazes perform better on terracotta than transparent glazes because they block out the dark clay colour.• Should be stored in a cool, dark place to ensure a long shelf life.
• Do not apply glaze to foot-rings unless firing items on stilts at temperatures less than 1120ºC.• Wipe any excess glaze off the foot of work while moist and before firing; otherwise pots will stick to kiln shelves during firing.• Dried brush-on glaze may not be re-wet. It is dry from the binders it contains and may never soften for re-use. Test before using on precious work! Brushes wash out in water.

Product Number: CESCO BLFC6000 CLR CKLE

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