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Deco Crackle Ink 25mL

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Deco Crackle Ink  25mL
$ 7.70

Ready to use intense black pigment for highlighting crackle patterns in crackle glazes.

Crackle ink is a non fire product.


Deco Crackle Ink is used to highlight the decorative crazing in Crackle glazes.

Crackle Ink sould be applied to glazes after firing when the ware has cooled completely and the crazing has been allowed to develop.

Deco Crackle Ink should be brushed over the entire glazed surface, left to penetrate then the excess can be wiped from the surface with a damp cloth.

Ware treated with crackle ink should not be washed.

Product Number: DECO CRACKLE INK

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