Northcote Earthenware EG311 White White Crackle Brush On Glaze 500ml (1060-1100C)


Firing range: 1060-1100C

This glaze is opaque and glossy.

Manufacturer's instructions:

Stir thoroughly before use.

Apply glaze using a soft brush. We recommend hake brushes. Apply 3-4 even coats to ensure adequate thickness. 2 coats is sufficient for Clear Glazes. Allow glaze to dry in between coats. Fire glaze to recommended temperature.

Keep container lid clean and tightly sealed to avoid glaze dehydration. Keep container out of direct sunlight, temperatures above 30C or below 5C.

Northcote Pottery Supplies recommends testing of all products to ensure suitability for your requirements as glaze application, clay type, firing atmosphere and glaze flow can vary greatly.