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Clayworks Cool Ice Porcelain

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Clayworks Cool Ice Porcelain
$ 56.60

Les Blakeborough's Super Fine Cool Ice Porcelain Clay in a 10kg block.


A truly magnificent, translucent, low firing, white porcelain. The firing range is 1186 to 1240oC. Care should be taken not to overfire Cool Ice as it is prone to slumping and bloating. For Clear gloss use Cesco B5490 Mid Fire Clear.

Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 07 to 05(Orton cones)
Glaze: 4 to 6 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 14% (Wet to fired)

Arctic white

When fired in Oxidation.

Arctic white

When fired in Reduction.

Product Number: CLAY CLAYW CID

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