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Ready to fire your pottery creations! At Pottery Supplies we offer an in-house community kiln firing service at our Milton Location in Brisbane. No bookings required and you can drop off your pieces during our business hours. Mon-Fri 9-4:30 and Saturday 9-12.

Firing Form 


All types of clay must go through a minimum of two firings. 

Please note: We fire when we have a full load and payment is made on collection.

Bisque Firing - 1000°c (Cone 06): $12.00/KG
Once your creations are completely bone dry, ensuring you have your makers mark on all pieces, safely pack them in a named box to bring in for the first firing. Bisque firings are designed to dry out and stabilize your work, making it stronger to handle and prepares it for the glazing processes. 

Please note: Underglaze is acceptable and can be fired in the first firing. However, there must be NO glaze during the first firing. 

Glaze Firing - $12.00/KG 
Once your work has been bisque fired and decorated with glaze or other materials, you are ready for the second firing.

  • Earthenware 1120°c (cone 02)
  • Mid Fire 1220°c (Cone 6)
  • Stoneware 1280°c (Cone 9/10)

For your second firing YOU MUST select the correct type of firing that matches both the temperature of clay bodies and glaze used. For example, If you use earthenware clay and glazes you select earthenware firing, if you used stoneware clay and glazes you select stoneware firing. This is vital because if you put the wrong clay and or glaze into the wrong firing temperature, it can damage the kiln and other peoples work. You will also be liable to pay for any damaged equipment. 

If you are unsure about what type of firing you require, please ask our staff in store or email us.


Hire a full kiln - POA

Contact us via email or call us on 3368 2877.  

Important information 

At Pottery Supplies, we understand how fragile and delicate clay can be. Which is why we take all care and no responsibility for losses or damages and reserve the right to refuse any items which we feel may cause problems. This means: 

  • All greenware must be bone dry when it is delivered
  • All glazed work must have been bisque fired first. (Including kiln hires) 
  • Glaze work must have a 5mm visible gap from the base.  

Any work without a completed form will result in work not being fired. Your work and boxes must be clearly labelled with your name and or maker's mark, You are liable for all costs related to any damage that is made to the kiln or kiln equipment as a direct result of firing your work.


Firing Form

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