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Clayworks Southern Ice Casting Slip

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Clayworks Southern Ice Casting Slip
$ 114.00

Les Blakeborough's Super Fine Southern Ice Porcelain Casting Slip. Ready to use, comes in a 5L and a 10L bucket.


Slip version of the popular Southern Ice ultra-white translucent porcelain clay. The slip may require the addition of a 50/50 solution of sodium silicate and water to maintain fluidity. A minimum of 1ml up to 10ml can be added.

Slip can be mixed with an electric drill using a flat blade paint mixing attachment. Care should be taken not to introduce air to the mix.

Firing range: Bisque: Cone 07/06/05 980°c - 1040°c

                  Glaze: Cone 8/9/10 1260°c - 1300°c


Product Number: SLIP CLAYW LBSIS

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