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Engobe Brush On CGE2 PURPLE

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Engobe Brush On CGE2 PURPLE
$ 15.40

Brush On Engobe. Ready to use, comes in 250mL only. Firing range 1060°c to 1120°c


High opacity Kera Engobes provide a background colour to block out, or provide contrast with, greenware and bisque and particularly terracotta.

Wide firing (1060C to 1120C , Cone 04-02), allows flexibility with clays and firing temperatures. Unlike traditional Engobes, our composition allows Kera Engobes to be applied to Greenware or bisque without cracking.
Smudge resistant colours – 21 different colours all fully intermixable to achieve a greater range of colours and blends. Dries to a hard, yet porous, surface that can then be decorated with printing, sgraffito, underglaze, glaze, pens, trailers and clear glazes. Food safe when clear glazed.
High quality pigments develop brighter colours for your designs.

Product Number: ENGOBE 02 CGE2

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