Bisqueware Vase


Create your own vibrant and unique surface designs on our wide range of quality, artisan bisqueware pottery

Artisan made

Each of these bisqueware vases is made by hand by our in-house production potter with decades of experience and exceptional skill. Because each piece is handmade the dimensions may vary slightly.


Our bisqueware pieces are wheel-thrown in-house, using Australian fine white stoneware clay (Walker No. 10 or similar). It is recommended that they are glaze fired to Orton Cone 10.

Create your own unique surface designs

Choose from our huge variety of options for you to add your own creative flair to the surface of your bisqueware pieces – beautiful transfer tissues, colourful underglazes and bright stoneware glazes. These are a wonderful and fun idea for commemorating special occasions!

Bisqueware vase dimensions: 250mm tall x 160mm widest diameter

** Please note that there is no guarantee on breakages of bisqueware if freighted.