Brush BW0503 – Detail Liner


The Detail Liner Brush, meticulously crafted from resilient nylon to elevate your artistic finesse. Engineered with thin bristles, this brush offers versatile applications, whether it's sketching intricate designs or inscribing delicate script with ease.

Nylon Bristles

Unlock the power of precision as the nylon bristles enable a spectrum of techniques, allowing you to effortlessly craft crisp lines and accentuate details in underglaze or glaze. Glide across your clay with smooth, controlled strokes to achieve the exacting finish you desire.

Versatile application

Built for durability and flexibility, this brush embodies resilience, ensuring its longevity while offering the flexibility required for intricate manoeuvres. Elevate your artistry with our Detail Liner Brush, your go-to tool for impeccable detailing and accentuating your creations.

L x W x H
18.5 x .05 x .05 cm