Brush BW1203 – Black Glaze Mop


The Black Mop brush features a generously rounded, full head meticulously designed to retain a substantial amount of liquid. This unique shape facilitates the seamless application of flowing washes and brush-on glazes. The specialized design of this mop brush excels in blending and softening techniques.

 Rounded Full Head

The brush boasts a round, full head that ensures a consistent flow of liquid during application.

Ideal for Washes and Glazes

This brush's design caters to the effortless application of washes and glazes, resulting in smooth, even coverage.

Adaptive Bristles

The bristles of the Black Mop brush adapt to your strokes, allowing for a more organic and unique artistic touch. They won't automatically snap back into place when you lift the brush, giving you greater control over your artistic expression.

L x W x H
21 x 1 x 1 cm