Deco Brush On Underglaze DU09 Ozone*

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Can be used on greenware and/or bisqueware. Can be fired to all temperatures except ones marked with * - can burn out over 1250

The Deco range of Underglazes is designed to give successful results over a wide range of firing temperatures from low fired earthenware to stoneware. At lower temperatures the colours are more opaque and pastel, changing in intensity as the temperature increases.

Whilst optimum results are achieved in the 1150-1240°C range, most of the colours are stable through to 1280°C. Owing to the fugitive nature of chrome-tin pink stains however, the colours containing this base (DU08-DU12 &33) are the exceptions and are not as reliable at this temperature.

Faster firing to a slightly lower temperature with a half hour soak can improve the survival rate of these colours. At all temperatures a soak of 20 minutes is recommended to clarify the glaze, especially over the darker colours.