Fine Ribbon Tool - Stainless Steel PK2601 (*C36-1)


Fine ribbon tool for sgraffito carving and relief work

Scratch the surface of stunning ceramic designs with this fine and precise sgraffito tool.

Sgraffito (Italian word ‘to scratch’) is a surface decorating technique in pottery that is produced by applying one or more layers of colour (underglaze, slip or engobes) on to leather hard clay, then scratching and carving patterns, textures and illustrations to reveal the contrasting colour of the clay underneath.

Creativity and artistry

This sgraffito tool will enable you to create fine and precise carved images on the surface of your leather hard pots, adding more dimension and vibrancy to your pottery.

Fine and detailed carvings

The sharp edges of this tool will enable you to create fine and detailed carvings and relief work.

Ergonomic design

The textured grip and comforting weight of the metal handle make this tool easy and enjoyable to use.

Dimensions: Tools are 13-13.5cm long and less than 1cm diameter. Each tool weighs about 10g