Midfire Gloss B5490 Cesco Brush On Flowrite 1L (1180-1280C)

AUD$ 31.60
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Firing range: 1180-1280C

Clear transparent gloss brush on glaze for midfire to stoneware containing approx 5% of zinc and 5% calcium.

Manufacturer's instructions:

Shake or agitate the container vigorously, then stir, before use. Apply one even coat with a soft brush, let the “wet” look disappear, then apply a second coat in the opposite direction. When the second coat has lost its “wet” look, apply a third coat in the same direction as the first.

Contains blue organic dye for ease of application on white bodies. Food safe - no lead frit is used in the manufacture of this product. Keep lid tightly closed during storage and if thickening occurs add a SMALL amount of water.