Glazing Brush - Hake

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Create smooth flowing strokes of glaze, slip or wash on your ceramic surfaces with traditional, handmade slanted hake brushes

Beautiful, flowing strokes
Hake brushes are ideal for the smooth application of glaze, slip and washes. It can hold a good amount of glaze or liquid and is perfect for applying nice, flowing strokes. The slanted handle allows for easy control of vertical and horizontal applications.

Traditional and handmade
These hake brushes are made with a raw wooden handle and soft, goat hair. 

Easy care instructions
These brushes are traditionally handmade, and it is not unusual for some hair to shed especially in the first few applications. Before your first application we recommend gently handwashing the brush in a mild solution of soap and water, rinsing, then flicking excess water off the brush. Be sure to store them away dry – do not leave them soaking in liquid for an extended period.