Hydra Sponge Ø 75 mm


Hydra sponge – the classic, yellow throwing sponge for pottery

Durable and super absorbent

Round sponges are the traditional choice for potters. This hydra sponge is durable and super absorbent. It will tirelessly soak up excess water from your projects for a long time. Its semi-firm texture makes it the perfect throwing sponge.

A smooth finish

This sponge’s fine texture makes it perfect for smoothing and refining the surfaces and joins of your pottery projects. Stiff and dense, it can handle even the heaviest of groggy clay bodies.

Creative versatility

A round hydra sponge is the classic workhorse in every pottery studio. Use it for adding or removing water to your clay, smoothing and refining, cleaning off excess glaze, or sponging glaze onto your pieces.