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Boxwood Modelling Tools PB0211 (*P61-11)

PB0211 modelling tool with larger tapered cone end of 10mm diameter and smaller tapered cone end of 7mm diameterPB0211 modelling tool with larger tapered cone end of 10mm diameter and smaller tapered cone end of 7mm diameter

Our handmade, polished hardwood modelling tools are used and relied upon by potters around the country for shaping, smoothing, texturing, cutting and refining their ceramic projects.

Beyond a chunk of clay

Pottery is more than just a chunk of clay. Whether shaping your piece on a pottery wheel, hand building with pinch pots, coils or slabs, or sculpting, potters rely on tools to turn their clay into their creative masterpieces. Our double ended modelling tools will allow you to produce a beautiful result effortlessly and consistently, every time.

Variety is best

At Pottery Supplies we offer an impressive selection of different double ended modelling tools – all made with polished hardwood to ensure a splinter-free, smooth hold. Each tool has its own unique shape and size, giving you a variety of options for creating your own unique detail in your work. Choose a favourite or invest in multiple different shapes to take your pottery to the next level.

This particular modelling tool (PB0211) has one large tapered cone end of approximately 10mm diameter and one smaller tapered cone end of approximately 7mm diameter. These shapes are perfect for holes and perforations, fine line work or fine smoothing. 

Comfort and total control

These modelling tools are perfect for shaping, refining, patterning, or smoothing your ceramic projects. Each of them being double ended effectively gives you double the options. Made of polished hardwood they are smooth, splinter free and comfortable to hold, giving you maximum control.

Dimensions: Total length 195mm. Large tapered cone of approximately 10mm diameter. Smaller tapered cone of approximately 7mm diameter.

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