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Double Ended Loop Tool PF4801 (*S2)

PF4801 double ended ribbon trim tool with small round loop (25mm diameter) and large round loop (38mm diameter)PF4801 double ended ribbon trim tool with small round loop (25mm diameter) and large round loop (38mm diameter)

Our sharp, metal, double ended ribbon tools are used and relied upon by potters around the country for turning or trimming their pottery.

Our trusted range of sharp, metal, double ended ribbon tools will allow you to trim away ribbons of clay to reveal your unique creations.

A beautiful result, effortlessly and consistently

Trimming is an important step in finishing a piece of pottery. A potter will trim, or turn, their piece to obtain their desired form and ensure a smooth and even wall surface. Our double ended trimming tools will allow you to produce a beautiful result effortlessly and consistently, every time.

Variety is best

At Pottery Supplies we offer a wide choice of different double ended ribbon tools – all made with sharp ground steel ends of different shapes and sizes. This enables you to trim a variety of shapes and profiles, creating your own unique detail in your work. Choose a favourite or invest in multiple different shapes to take your pottery to the next level.

This particular trimming tool (PF4801) has two large and generous round loops - ideal for removing larger amounts of clay or texturing a surface. The smaller round look has a diameter of 25mm and the larger round loop has a diameter of 38mm. 


These ribbon tools are perfect for trimming and turning, but also useful for creating interesting, fluted surface designs, or carving off excess clay. Their sharp edge makes them versatile for switching between a fine white porcelain through to the groggiest of clay bodies.

Dimensions: Wooden handle 95mm long. Small rounded loop with 25mm diameter. Large rounded loop with 38mm diameter. Total length 220mm.

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