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Keane Stoneware 7 Speckle 10kg


Keane’s White Mid Fire No’7 with Speckle is a smooth and versatile clay. The No’7 speckle can be used for medium sized hand building, slab rolling and slumping domestic ware. However, it is most liked for wheel throwing due to its great plasticity and smooth composition. Making any throwing session a enjoyable experience.

The Keane No’7 Speckle ideal glaze firing temperature is stoneware at 1260˚-1300˚. When firing this clay to its desired temperature, you are left with a beautiful white clay with a natural show of speckle.
Due to its simplicity, the Keane’s No’7 speckle can be paired with any colour stoneware glaze, although potters do love to keep it either raw or apply a clear stoneware glazes to show off its natural speckles.

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